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Schaefer said he has no qualms about taking donations from tobacco companies. “If someone likes that, great,” he said. “If someone doesn’t like it, great. It has absolutely no bearing on what I do absolutely none.”

A politician receives nearly 25% of their quarterly campaign contributions from one source and still claims said contribution has no bearing on how they vote on legislation. The $25k contributor must really believe in the politician as a “person” to not expect any favors in return.

Mark Cuban on his battles with the SEC, the success of the Dallas Mavericks and the lessons of 'Shark Tank'

The danger of the ideal of competition is that it neither proposes nor implies any limits. It proposes simply to lower costs at any cost, and to raise profits at any cost. It does not hesitate at the destruction of the life of a family or the life of a community. It pits neighbor against neighbor as readily as it pits buyer against seller. Every transaction is meant to involve a winner and a loser. And for this reason the human economy is pitted without limit against nature. For in the unlimited competition of neighbor and neighbor, buyer and seller, all available means must be used; none may be spared.

Berry, Wendell . What Matters?: Economics For a Renewed Commonwealth. Counterpoint, 2010. 91.

US Federal Deficit Charts: Why are these not reported?

Appears after the major spending bump to jump start the economy, the deficit will be back to normal range within 8 years. Seems this doesn’t make for nearly the same story as parading around “DEFAULT” in headlines.

The two charts show above show recent and budgeted deficits for the US federal government. On the left is a chart of the deficit in current dollars. On the right is a chart of the deficit as a percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Sunrise before the storm. #nofilter

Sunrise before the storm. #nofilter

Wow of the Week: A potential breakthrough toward a cure for type 1 diabetes | MedCity News

Hoping the drug companies pursuit of profit doesn’t interfere with this potential research for a cure.

What if the bake sale only netted 71 dollars for charity because it made no investment in its scale and the professional fundraising enterprise netted 71 million dollars because it did? Now which pie would we prefer, and which pie do we think people who are hungry would prefer?

(via Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong)

The only farm crop more regulated than raw milk is marijuana.